BITS Pilani x Postman Lab Boot Camp

BITS Pilani x Postman Lab Boot Camp

This Boot Camp will serve as a first step to dive into your web development journey. You will learn about API fundamentals, the Postman platform and how it can be used for developing web applications, through a project where you will learn to create an AI text summarizer app using JavaScript, Node.js, the Hugging Face Interface AI API, and Postman.

This bootcamp includes two courses that take students from knowing nothing about APIs to mastering the foundations of APIs and working with Postman. 

Course 1: Postman API Fundamentals Student Expert Certification


Learning Methods

Course 2: Project-Based Learning: Build an AI Text Summarizer App


Learning Methods:

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Dates and Registration

Registrations are Open!

For students outside BITS Pilani Click Here to register/log in.

For students registered for online degree / WILP programs of BITS Pilani Click Here to register/log in.

Students of BITS can register/log in using the following campus-specific links: Pilani Campus  Goa Campus  Hyderabad Campus  Dubai Campus

Please take the help of the important steps given at the end of this page to follow the steps needed to register for this bootcamp.

Deadline for course completion: April 30, 2024

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Q1. I have completed the "Postman API Fundamentals Student Expert Certification" previously and I have received the certificate. Do I need to do the bootcamp again?

You don't have to do the first course in that case.  But the new bootcamp is a collection of "Course 1: Postman API Fundamentals Student Expert Certification" and "Course 2: Project-Based Learning: Build an AI Text Summarizer App". So you can directly do the second course, in that case.

Q2.  How do I access the courses? (for both people who have already finished Course 1 as well as those who haven't)

Click on one of the links mentioned under Registration, which will take you to the Postman Academy official website.  You will be asked to sign up with a new account or sign in with a pre-existing account if applicable. 

Important Steps for registering to the bootcamp:

Please follow the following snapshots that will give a walk-through of the registration process:

If you are already logged into Postman Academy from before, the page below should open up. Else, upon signing up with a new account, the same page would open up.

If you are a first- time user who has not finished Course 1, you can proceed with Course 1 from here. However, if you have already completed Course 1 and wish to access Course 2, you need to click on the back-arrow on the top-left of the page to redirect you to the second course.

This should redirect you to the main page where you can view the two courses simultaneously. If you wish to access Course 2 click here (shown in image below).


Once you have completed the second course as well, you will have officially completed the BITS x Postman Lab Boot Camp.


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Hyderabad Campus

Dubai Campus