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Like many other engineering colleges, our campus is quite a distance away from the main city. This results in a lot of travel inconveniences for people, as even a casual outing may cost you a lot just in travelling if you don’t find enough people to share your ride with, let alone going to the airport or railway station. Travel@BPHC allows you to organise and plan your trips effectively.

Team: Ankesh Pandey, Chirag Jaju, Shivansh Shukla, Aarush Sinha

Institute: Birla Institute of Technology & Science (BITS), Hyderabad Campus


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CrimeLog is a digital map displaying the location of crimes committed over the last month, along with its nature , so you can stay informed and take appropriate precautions. Whether you are moving to a new place, just a tourist or like us curious CrimeLog is the tool for you. Simply open the website, input the city for which you wish to read crime data, and then hit enter. Voila! you’ll be sent to a new page with a heat map of the crimes and with information on the crimes committed in your area. It’s that easy!

Team: Rahul V Sumbly, Vansh Gupta, Suryanarayana Krishnan, Alan Mohan

Institute: Birla Institute of Technology & Science (BITS), Dubai Campus


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UrbanMeet is a platform where anyone can put up notices to host events at public places such as parks, stadiums, and sports and community centers. Users can host and discover events nearby: from a yoga session in the park to a local cricket tournament. Events like these are a great opportunity for strengthening communal bonds and having fun together. Awareness rallies can be held to address any societal issues too.

Team: Vignesh Bhat, Kaushik Deka, Kiranbaskar Velmurugan

Institute: Birla Institute of Technology & Science (BITS), Dubai Campus


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The website provides you with the details of the animal of your choice. You have to enter the name, and it will give you the scientific name, taxonomy, characteristics, fact, and recent news about the animal. Also, if you want, you can donate money to WWF for the welfare of these animals using donate button.

Team: Rishabh Raj Joshi

Institute: Birla Institute of Technology and Sciences (BITS), Pilani, Goa Campus

Balanced Diets

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The website gives you your ideal calorie count for the day, based on whether you need to lose, gain or maintain your current weight. Upon calculation, the website offers you a vast list of food items, each with varying quantities. Once you’ve decided a meal or a snack, you simply enter the name of the item you want to consume. A drop-down box will allow you to choose the amount you will consume. Once selected, simply hit ‘Submit Food Choice’. This will add that item to a list. Simultaneously, using ‘Nutritionix API’, the number of calories present in it is found and recorded. As and when you eat and record something, the calorie count adds up. Once the number of calories reaches the specified limit, a message will appear to the user stating that they’ve achieved the maximum calorie level.

Team: Abdul Rahmaan Ansari, Drishya Bhatia, Sstuti D Mehra, Urvi K Modi

Institute: Birla Institute of Technology & Science (BITS), Dubai Campus


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funCharge is an interactive and responsive web application which makes it fun for EV owners to charge their vehicles. The application uses various APIs to provide most efficient route, while listing and ranking options of charging stations and recreational activities that commuters can meanwhile engage in, emergency contacts to keep them safe, etc. With the application, you can optimally decide when you should charge your car along with recommendation of charging stations based on nearby recreational activities or places. It directly traces trajectory and possible charging station you can reach with given charge then compares them based on recreational activities nearby

Team: Sudhanshu Mohan Kashyap, Prashant Jha, Apoorv Garg 

Institute: Birla Institute of Technology and Sciences (BITS), Pilani, Goa Campus


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The CoinCompare app lets you compare the prices of each cryptocurrency on different exchanges. It provides information about the trade between which two platforms would be most profitable for a particular coin. The app provides the results not only based on price differences among platforms but also considers various fees that you might incur when buying and withdrawing coins. The app calculates the total cost of executing the arbitrage trade, from buying the coin from one exchange to transferring it into the wallet of another platform and finally withdrawing the amount from your wallet into your bank account.

Team: Vidit Patel, Megh K Patel, Namra Patel

Institute: Birla Institute of Technology and Sciences (BITS), Pilani, Goa Campus


The team shortlisted some APIs and finally decided to use the spoonacular API based on the pricing and documentation available for the selected ones. We found spoonacular to be very user friendly and well documented for all food related requirements like meal planning, recipe search etc. For getting access to the recent news and blogs on health and food they chose the trusted and again well documented Google News API.

Team: Hrishikesh Govindrao Kusneniwar, Hardik Nilesh Shah,  Sushant Sreeram Swamy 

Institute: Birla Institute of Technology and Sciences (BITS), Pilani, Goa Campus

Language Learning AI Chatbot

The chatbot offers a unique and effective solution to the challenges of language learning. By providing personalised and interactive language instruction, it can help people  learn new languages more efficiently and enjoyably and provides personalised feedback and suggestions based on the user’s input and progress. This allows the chatbot to adapt to the user’s individual learning style and needs, which can help the user learn more efficiently.  Click here to view the hosted site: 

Team: Nihir Agarwal

Institute: Birla Institute of Technology and Sciences (BITS), Pilani, Pilani Campus